Joe's Trading Post

New photography projects on the horizon!

Coming Soon: A new rebranding!

I will be bringing previously unaccessable content online and bring a new uniform look and feel to each site to tie in my various brands together.

Also I will be starting to write updates on my various dives, photo shoots and other activities (blog style) to keep you updated on what is going on for each site.

The old sites will still be accessable until each site has fully transitioned to the new look.

Old list-style photo galleries will be receiving a complete overhaul, incuding cleaning up of content, editing and a finally gallery look that will look similar to Abandoned Travel's look and feel.

I look forward to bringing you all of this in the new year!
-=Current sites=-

I will be giving these photo galleries a full cleanup and start adding dive logs and descriptions on all new galleries going foward

VATS Sucks

This site will eventually be redesigned too, but all the content will remain the same.

Off Roading
This gallery will receive a complete overhaul eventually, but is further down on the list.

-=New sites (TBA)=-
I will be bringing online all my non-Abandoned Travels and non-dive related photography.

-=Completed sites=-
Abandoned Travels
This site is primarily what each of the other sites will be modeled after. This is the most complete of the group.

Abandoned Travels can also be viewed on Facebook